Bluetomato waffles just got better……..

So today brought the arrival of our new Belgian waffle maker.
Larger than our old one, and much, much hotter!

I spent a good 2 hours (seriously, how hard can it be!) setting it up, seasoning the plates and trying it out for the most perfect, crispy but sweetly fluffy Belgian waffles.

I was not prepared for how fiddly and awkward this new fandangled machine was
(If you imagine the mess a pod of dolphins would make baking a cake with their funny ‘fin-arms’ then triple it. That was about the mess I got myself into earlier)….but, finally I got the hang of it..

I have also just discovered Belgian pearl sugar….who knew….?

Basically, our new recipe consists of vanilla pods, the lovely pearl sugar, flour, eggs and milk…..

I am now addicted to these, especially served with vanilla orange mascarpone, chocolate sauce and strawberries….
I hope you all like them as much as I do…..