Costa Rica Challenge….

**Breaking News**

Marc (owner of the cafe) will be travelling to Costa Rica this November, to CYCLE from the Pacific Coast to the Carribbean Coast (500kms) all in the hope of raising much needed funding for local and national charities.
Now firstly, if you know Marc, you may be thinking….like W.T.*.?……has he completely lost it, has the heat of the kitchen finally addled his brain resulting in him going totally doolally?
Well, maybe a little, but, to be honest it was time to ‘give a little back’
(The first idea of swimming from London to New York was considered too dangerous by his swimming teacher even though he has a Green swimming proficiency badge….) so the Costa Rica plan emerged…
Now don’t get me wrong here, he’s not going to just happen upon Costa Rica with a BMX and a Mars Bar.

The Trip is a fully organised adventure sorted out by
So not too much to worry about, apart from the fact he hasn’t been on a bike since late 1994 and literally it was just the once…….

The training has begun, sexy Lycra shorts purchased, a canary yellow kagool donated by a very kind old lady from Abergavenny and a boot full of protein bars…..

Now, secondly, we will be blogging his progress on hopefully, a weekly basis. If this annoys anyone, tough, it’s for charity.

PLEASE…….if Nike read this he would like sponsorship, or Mr Branson….a few free flights chucked to us for a great cause would be an immense auction gift….(auction date to be confirmed)

Seriously, the ‘justgiving’ page is being set up, so please help him generously…
(It will be blogged when set up)
We will have various fundraising games and treats in store for you all this summer…

Many thanks for reading this, we really do hope you can find it in your heart to help.

See you in the cafe…..;)

Oh, p.s. we will have a Costa Rica inspired SMOOTHIE on our board ALL SUMMER, it’s deliciously tropical, and only £3.95….ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS WILL 100% GO INTO OUR FUNDRAISING POT!!!