It was time for a website

Our website has been a long time coming. We’ve, historically, been too focused on the ‘real’ elements of the business to consider devoting time to the virtual world. Well as the business developed, and time pushed on, it became clear that it was time.

We made contact with a small agency in Falmouth called a little bit of something and we set things in motion. Regular coffee fuelled meetings and many emails later we have a live website which we’re delighted with. We think it does a great job of representing the Blue Tomato on the internet.

The beautiful home-page aerial picture was shot by Tim Martindale and all the wonderful food and lifestyle imagery was shot in one hectic day by the talented David Griffen.

As with any areas of the business we’re always pleased to hear from our customers with suggestions or ideas so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got anything to say about our website.

Marc, Mat and The Team.